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  • Cloud-based
  • Immediate time-stamped images
  • Officer accountability
  • Paperless reporting
  • Live protocol instructions
  • Real-time emergency updates

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Guard Patrols

Staying on top of your facility’s security is an around-the-clock job and unexpected events will occur daily.  That is why, when you have Clarion on-site, we can help to prevent accidents or security issues from taking place.  While on patrol, our officers will check areas that you have noted are important and keep you up-to-date on any incidents or information that may need your attention.

Our officers use mobile devices that will prompt them with specific patrol activities, give them the ability to record events, and also to have immediate access to procedural information.  ClarionTrac is a secure and scalable web-based application that makes your premises run efficiently. ClarionTrac can be used at a single property or across your organization as a whole. 

Advantages of ClarionTrac

  • Simple, web-based reporting
  • A combination of incident management, patrol verification and task scheduling
  • Instant alerts of any incident
  • A dynamic security environment through quickly updated procedures and orders

Transportation and Parking Coordination Services

No matter your transportation or parking needs, Clarion can create and maintain a safe and secure environment on your property.  From shuttle transportation, access control and traffic control to parking lot patrols and parking enforcement: Clarion has the trained, professional security personnel to enforce the rules of your facility. 

Customer Service and Security-Smarts to Maintain Safety

Clarion’s Officers will provide a visible security presence.  This allows us not only to respond to and prevent incidents, but also to be accessible to employees and visitors, answer questions and provide assistance. 

Latest News
One of Memphis' most successful female CEOs endorses Mentoring Monday (Memphis Business Journal)

Kim Heathcott is the president of the National Association of Women Business Owners Memphis chapter and the CEO of Clarion Security, Memphis' largest woman-owned business. Heathcott is joining more than 40 women business leaders for Memphis Business Journal's Bizwomen Mentoring Monday. The event will offer attendees the opportunity to choose from the mentors for one-on-one coaching sessions and will take place the morning of March 30 at Christian Brothers University's Canale Arena.

New Rules of Engagement for Clarion Security (Memphis Business Journal)

Clarion Security provides security services for businesses all over the Memphis area, and with more than 300 security guards in-house, the firm is one of the largest security firms in the city. But CEO Kim Heathcott and president Larry Heathcott see themselves as more than a "tough-guy with a truck" security company. "In many ways, we're a technology company that provides security," says Larry Heathcott. "It's been our edge since we started."

Kim Heathcott Shares Entrepreneurial Advice on The Big Pitch radio show

Kim Heathcott recently joined The Big Pitch radio show, a Wall Street Journal radio affiliate, to discuss her role as CEO of Clarion Security and offer advice to other hardworking entrepreneurs.