Clarion Security Grows With Focus on Employees

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When Kim Heathcott decided to start her own company, it was her husband, Larry, who recommended the security industry, having worked in the industry himself for many years.

After months of planning, Kim Heathcott discovered software on Android-powered cell phones that transformed her whole design concept. Now, after only a year since Memphis-based Clarion Security LLC opened shop, Heathcott has taken the Android-powered niche in the industry and turned it into a thriving security company with 55 officers and 10 accounts.

Developed in 2009 as a woman-owned business, Clarion Security provides armed and unarmed security guards, roving vehicle patrols, camera surveillance, investigative auditing and GPS monitoring in the Memphis area, as well as in parts of Mississippi and Arkansas.

The officers at Clarion are equipped with the Android software app, which allows them to take pictures throughout the night as they complete each step in their post order – a list of instructions given to the guard by the client. With the time and date stamp on each picture, the clients are able to log onto a Clarion website at any time to follow the guards’ progress.

This is a solution to paperwork, which, according to Heathcott, can be manipulated.

“Memphis is a huge security town, and people are spending a lot of dollars on physical security,” she said. “It would frustrate me to no end (as a client) if I’m paying thousands of dollars and I really don’t know if I’m getting my product.”

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