New Rules of Engagement for Clarion Security

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Memphis Business Journal
February 20th, 2015

Clarion Security provides security services for businesses all over the Memphis area, and with more than 300 security guards in-house, the firm is one of the largest security firms in the city. But CEO Kim Heathcott and President Larry Heathcott see themselves as more than a "tough-guy with a truck" security company.

"In many ways, we're a technology company that provides security," says Larry Heathcott. "It's been our edge since we started."

Technology was a focus from the beginning for Clarion. In its earliest days, the firm bought advanced software that helped it eliminate inefficiencies and provide better connections between guards and customers, and for a time, Clarion had an edge.

"It didn't take long before our local competitors began to catch up," says Kim Heathcott. "We knew we had to do something new to keep our advantage."

Clarion is currently beta testing a new software package, which it has developed over the last year.

"I began working on it in January last year," Kim says.

The new software, which has yet to be branded by Clarion, will give customers up-to-the-minute updates on security guards and cameras on their property as well as deliver messages to those guards and Clarion's home office quickly and without last-minute breakdowns.

The software is also built to be proactive.

"You can create a unique client pattern for each account, and if the guards deviate from that pattern, there are ways to notify them immediately," says Kim. "That gives clients complete transparency and adds to our accountability on site."

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